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Reason to Choose Sunless Spray Tanning Over Tanning Beds

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

#1-Spray tanning is significantly faster and more efficient

With traditional tanning there is a huge time commitment to achieving your desired glow. Most salons recommend 15-20 mints everyday 2-3 weeks before your event. Haven't tanned in awhile.. that increases your required time! Since your skin isn't used the the harmful rays in the tanning bed you'll have to slowly work your way up to full tanning time which can add an additional 2-3 weeks to your desired tan time.

#2-Save Your Skin

Tanning in both the sun and tanning beds causes slight damage to the skin which then stimulates melanin triggering a response which produces a tan like color. This process actually damages the skin, and significantly worse if you accidentally burn. This entire process is called photo-damage and is the #1 reason for again skin!

#3-Instant Slimming Effect, Choose Body Contouring to Amplify Your Results

Tanning tends to highlight lean muscle, creating a slimming affect. Want to really take your results up a notch? Choose our body contouring service to specifically highlight your muscle groups creating a greater slimming affect. You'll immediately look 10 pounds lighter!

#4-Tan All Year Long

Sunless spray tanning does not have a season! Keep your perfect glow going all year long! Tan once a week, or for special events, whatever you prefer your desired glow isn't prevented by the season.

#5-Color Control

This is a big reason many guests choose spray tanning. With premium solutions your spray tan artist can actually control not only how dark your end result is, but also the undertone of that tan to prevent the "fake" looking tan. This is different from self-tanners you might purchase at your local supermarket as they are made in bulk for the masses and not specifically mixed for your skin type. Our artists control your end results by taking the time to understand your skin type, undertones, and goals.

#6-All Skin Types Can Benefit From Spray Tanning

With traditional tanning some skin types don't benefit from their sun types with little results, or instant sunburns. Spray tanning can benefit all skin types from the lightest of light to the darkest skin tones out there! Give us a call to determine how you might benefit from a sunless spray tan.

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